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Avanti and Bronte Take Out 2022 ProductReview Awards for Split System Air Conditioners Category

As a company dedicated to bringing Australian consumers reliable, high quality and innovative products, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA), is pleased to announce that both our Avanti® and Bronte® series of split system air conditioners, have taken out the ProductReview award for the Split Systems Air Conditioners category for the second year in a row!

about the award

Presented by ProductReview, Australia’s No.1 product review site, the 2022 ProductReview Awards highlight products and services that have been well regarded by the ProductReview community. They are judged independently and impartially by the ProductReview Data & Content Team. For the 2022 awards, more than 75,000 eligible nominations were received with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries receiving two wins out of the 181 products and services across over 129 categories.

ProductReview awards are judged against several criteria, including but not limited to, the products being listed in a category on the ProductReview website, full retail availability to the Australian public in 2021, have a minimum Star Score of 4.1 stars on 1 October 2021, have 10 or more approved reviews written in the last 12 months and have a higher proportion of 5-star reviews in the last 12 months.

Taking this into consideration and conducting qualitative analysis of review data, ProductReview has announced that both the Avanti® and Bronte® series of air conditioners have taken out the 2022 ProductReview awards for the Split Systems Air Conditioners category.

about productreview

ProductReview is Australia’s No.1 and most comprehensive consumer opinion site publicly highlighting real-life experiences and opinions voiced by Australian consumers. It’s considered a highly trusted platform and is often the first-place consumers turn to when researching brands and products.

Both the Avanti® and Bronte® series of split systems currently have the highest ratings of any split system on the ProductReview website with the Bronte® series achieving a huge 4.7 Star rating from 542 reviews, making it the highest rated split system overall, while the Avanti® is the second highest rated split system with 4.6 stars from 326 reviews.

a word from management

Managing Director for MHIAA, Mr. Yuji Ito, highlights that this acknowledgement reflects the company’s commitment to the Australian Community.

“We are again extremely honoured to have our products announced as the winner of the ProductReview awards for Split System Air Conditioners Category for the second consecutive year.  At MHIAA we continue to focus on delivering the best products and services possible and are again delighted to receive this recognition that has been driven by our customers and their great experience with our products” Mr Yuji Ito, Managing Director, MHIAA.

As part of their reviews, consumers can rate air conditioning products based on: Build Quality, Value for Money, Ease of Use, Cleaning & Maintenance, Noise Level and Heating and Cooling Speed. For these categories, the Avanti® and Bronte® Series were both rated highly by consumers a feat, Managing Director Mr. Yuji Ito notes highlights one of the company’s core values.

“At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries our processes and products are driven by our desire to bring the Australian consumer the best quality products and services and to see how highly our customers have rated our product in the market reinforces this commitment. We would like to again take this opportunity to thank both ProductReview and the consumers who took the time to provide us their great feedback allowing us to win this award.”

The Avanti® and Bronte® Series of Air Conditioners are available across Australia at all MHI Dealers and Retailers. To find your local dealer click here.

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