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The MHIAA Story

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Innovation and Support

Innovation is central to our organisation and underpins every aspect of MHIAA’s air conditioners and our workplace culture. Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and our heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, we have achieved unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand. The MHI brand is renowned for world-class engineering with a focus on detail in every phase of product design and development.

At the heart of our design philosophy are our people and providing the solutions that make work and life more comfortable. From silent operation, to long reach air flow, energy conservation and durability, through to digital advancements with Wi-Fi connectivity, MHI products continue to focus on innovative solutions for the HVAC market.

Backing our products with comprehensive market-leading warranties, we reinforce our commitment to support our partners and their customers. Our customer-first philosophy is entrenched in the company values across the whole organisation, ensuring customer satisfaction with the MHIAA experience.

Drawing on our long history of engineering expertise, MHIAA provides commercial and residential air conditioning that is designed to unobtrusively create comfort and peak performance and that looks to the future for inspiration.

Our Philosophy

With a rich history in innovation and technology, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning Australia carries a strong philosophy of creating products that are designed to improve the lives of those who use them, at the same time as creating a sustainable future for our company and the world we live in.

Innovation is at the core of every product that MHIAA develops and our aim is to improve on technology while providing our customers with products that are built to last. We believe in developing firm relationships with our partners and providing a customer-first approach to business. Our steady growth in Australia has been integral to delivering efficient and quality service to our customers and those who benefit from our products.

Our brand is instantly recognisable for quality and technological advancement, and we carry this proud commitment across all aspects of our operations to ensure that we provide quality products and service.