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Avanti Plus® Series

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avanti plus in modern loungeroom

With an award winning design and industry leading energy ratings, the Avanti PLUS® is efficient as it is stylish.

Considered our platinum series, the Avanti PLUS® is one of the quietest split systems on the market and incorporates an energy saving motion sensor, improved automatic mode for even more precise temperature control. It also incorporates our ‘Clean Air Technology’ which captures and neutralises fine smoke particles, allergens, odours bacteria and viruses.

Where to Buy

Capacity: 2.0kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK20ZSXA-W

Capacity: 2.5kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK25ZSXA-W

Capacity: 3.5kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK35ZSXA-W

Capacity: 5.0kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK50ZSXA-W

Capacity: 6.0kW
Reverse Cycle

View Product SRK60ZSXA-W