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MHI Thermal Systems Launches New “TEJ35GAM” Electric-Driven Transport Refrigeration Units

TEJ35GAM Electric-Driven Transport Refrigeration Unit


・ Adoption of plug-in hybrid system enables cargo room temperature to be maintained during parking and idling
・ Heat-pump system enables simultaneous heating and cooling operations; multi-system answers need for simultaneous transport of products requiring multiple temperatures

Tokyo, September 13, 2023 – Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHI Thermal Systems), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has launched sales in the domestic market of the TEJ35GAM, an electric-driven transport refrigeration unit exclusively for small and mid-size trucks. Ryoju Coldchain Co., Ltd. (RCC), the Company’s’ comprehensive sales and service arm for truck and trailer refrigeration units in Japan, will be in charge of the new product’s sales. The TEJ35GAM joins the already available TE20/30 series, refrigeration units for plug-in hybrid transport, and the TEJ35AM, an electric-driven transport refrigeration unit with heat-pump heating system for EV trucks. The TE20/30 series has received two notable awards: the “Agency for Natural Resources and Energy Commissioner’s Award (Transportation Field)” in 2019, and the “Technology Award” from the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE) in 2021.

The new TEJ35GAM features a plug-in hybrid system combining a commercial plug-in power source and a power source dedicated to the refrigerator. The system can automatically switch between plug-in charging and battery operation charged while running, depending on the status of vehicle operation (idling, running, etc.). Additionally, the system automatically switches to one of three modes (power save, high efficiency, full capacity) depending on the refrigerator battery’s remaining charge volume and the cargo room temperature. Because operation of the refrigerator continues even while the vehicle is parked or idling, the driver can focus on driving and delivery without having to operate the refrigerator, and outstanding cargo temperature control is achieved.

The TEJ35GAM also adopts heat-pump heating, in which ambient heat is used for heating operation, and a multi-system that enables multiple temperature settings appropriate to the specific cargo volume or type. Together these features enable simultaneous cooling and heating of two cargo rooms, a capability not possible with a conventional hot-gas heating system. The result is stable temperature maintenance throughout all four seasons: cooling of both cargo rooms in summer, powerful heat-pump heating of both cargo rooms in winter, and simultaneous independent cooling and heating of the two cargo rooms in spring and autumn. For the greater part of the year – the only exception being summer, when heating is not used – heat-pump heating also results in highly efficient operation with an excellent COP(Note).

In the years ahead, MHI Thermal Systems will continue focusing on the development of technologies and products that will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy by taking advantage of advances in electric-driven transport refrigerator inverter control, heat-pump systems, multi-systems, etc. Through such new developments, the Company will address distribution industry issues relating to workstyle reform, transport efficiency enhancement and environmental performance, to realize safe and secure food transport.