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William Guinane Promoted to National Service Manager

In a further demonstration of their commitment to customer service and satisfaction, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. is pleased to announce the promotion of William Guinane to National Service Manager.  

With a long-standing history in domestic and commercial refrigeration and over 17 years of experience with MHIAA, holding various roles within the company, from Technical Service Engineer, Regional Service Manager and now National Service Manager, Mr. Guinane has been an integral part of the after-sales service and warranty department.  

Managing Director of MHIAA, Mr. Yuji Ito, highlights that William’s experience over the last 17 years will be invaluable to the company moving forward.  

“Over the last 17 years, William Guinane has shown significant growth and dedication to MHIAA, our customers and our staff. His experience and skill within the HVAC market will be a key driving force for the changes and improvements that we continue to make within the company to foster and enhance our customer experience.” Mr. Yuji Ito, MHIAA.  

Under his new role, William Guinane will be involved in many areas of the business including joining the Executive team and having direct relationships and communication with the global MHI group.  

“We are delighted to welcome William to our Executive Team at MHIAA. As we begin this transition phase, we look forward to the opportunities and areas of growth and improvement we will see under his leadership.” Mr. Yuji Ito, MHIAA.  

For William, this new role will be an opportunity to further develop and enhance the company’s after-sales support and training services.  

“As National Service Manager, I am looking forward to expanding and enhancing our training programs that are offered to all our Service Agents across Australia and New Zealand. I am looking forward to further developing and fostering the skills of our warranty and service team members to ensure that we are customer-focused and delivering the best possible service to all our customers.” Mr. William Guinane, MHIAA.  

William Guinane begins his new role from 1 July 2024 and is looking forward to the opportunities for growth and improvement within the service and warranty department.  

“When I first started with MHIAA, the team goal was always that continual improvement is the key to success, and this is an aspect that I have continued to focus on throughout my career. I am excited to be joining the Executive Team and look forward to the ways that we can focus on continual improvement within the Service and Warranty department and the growth that will undoubtedly come with this.” Mr. William Guinane, MHIAA.  

William Guinane will be working alongside all Australian and New Zealand Service and Warranty teams and will be based at the MHIAA Brisbane office.