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Understanding The New Zoned Energy Rating Labels for Air Conditioners

With the Australian Government having announced a new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL) for air conditioners we’ve put together a handy guide on what these new labels offer, how to read them, as well as covering some basics to help you choose the best and most efficient air conditioner for you!

What are energy rating labels?

Energy Rating Labels (in one form or another) have been around for over 30 years and allow you to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of different household appliances before purchasing.

What Is The Star Rating?

The star ratings refer to how efficient an air conditioner is in heating or cooling mode relative to other models of the same size. More stars means more efficient when compared to other models of the same size.

Most air conditioners are given between 1 and 6 stars however as technology gets better, as does the energy efficiency! A perfect example of this is our super efficient Avanti PLUS® split system – which boasts industry leading energy ratings, including the 2.0kW model which currently has a 7-star ‘super efficiency’ rating – the highest of any air conditioner in Australia! Learn more about the Avanti PLUS® in our ‘Product in Focus’ blog post.

What information do the new zoned ENERGY rating labels provide?

  • How much cooling and heating power an air conditioner can provide
  • How efficient an air conditioner is depending on where you live
  • How much electricity the air conditioner will use, depending on where you live
  • How much noise the indoor and outdoor unit produce

The new air conditioner label provides more information including the difference in energy efficiency of each model of air conditioner, in heating and cooling mode across three climate zones – hot, average or cold as well as estimated annual energy consumption of each model within these three zones. This climate zone performance information helps you get a better understanding of how efficient an air conditioner would be when installed in your own home.

How do i read the new star energy label?

The below graphic helps you understand each different section of the label.

If you’re located in Canberra, ACT there’s high chance you would use an air conditioner’s heating function more often than the cooling function and because air conditioners have different energy ratings for heating and cooling, you should refer to the ‘Cold’ zone for a closer indication of the air conditioner’s energy efficiency and annual energy consumption.

If you’re located in Brisbane, QLD you would likely use their air conditioner’s cooling function more and thus should refer to the ‘Hot’ zone for information regarding the air conditioners energy efficiency and annual energy consumption. The video below provides some more information.

how do i decide which size unit I need?

You can refer to our handy split system room sizing chart for a guide on which side might be best for your space however we also recommend speaking to an authorised installer to get a proper quote. Visit our Request a Quote page, leave your details and we’ll get an authorised installer to get in touch!

Calculating Running Costs – How Much Could I Save?

If you’d like more information on your estimated annual running costs, use the Energy Rating’s official Online Calculator

Where can i find more information?

Head over to the Energy Rating’s website for more information on the new Zoned Energy Rating Labels and other programs.

If you’d like to speak to a dealer about replacing or upgrading your air conditioner simply leave some details in the form below and we’ll get an authorised installer to get in touch!

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