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MHIAA announces the launch of their NEW National Campaign

The experts in the air

Capitalising on award wins from leading consumer advocacy groups CHOICE®, Canstar and Finder, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA) is excited to announce the launch of their new National campaign “The Experts in Air”.

This cross-platform advertising campaign will be targeted to both metro and regional areas in all states and territories across Australia. The company aims to create a new voice in the air conditioning market, by demonstrating the brands high satisfaction rating and trust levels as awarded by it’s consumers in a fun, humorous way that represents the home lifestyle.

Marketing Manager for MHIAA Jenny Perello, highlights how the company wanted to try a different approach with this campaign, one they hope will continue to resonate with consumers across Australia.

“With this campaign we wanted to think outside the box, push the boundaries on what the creative could be and develop a campaign that was both funny and one that will resonate with all consumers right across Australia.” Jenny Perello, Marketing Manager MHIAA.

MHIAA engaged with creative agency Connecting Plots and their media agency Speed to develop and roll out the national campaign.

“The air conditioning category can often be dominated by cash back incentives or celebrity spokespeople, however for MHIAA this time, we wanted to develop a campaign and corresponding creative that would help put a little smile on peoples faces and get them think of us when its time to purchase a new air conditioner.” Jenny Perello.

Managing Director for MHIAA, Mr Yuji Ito highlights how this new campaign is a further example of the companies commitment and dedication to Australian audiences.

“At MHIAA we have a history of innovation that drives our product, processes and goals. This new campaign was a creative way for us to reach out to Australian consumers in a humorous way that will resonate with them and maybe even give them a laugh or two. We are committed to upholding these exceptional honours that our customers have awarded us through our recent award wins and look forward to continuing to share this with consumers across Australia.

The campaign launched on Monday 24 May across TV, digital and social media.