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Eligible Products

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In order to qualify for $50 e-gift card and $20 Donation to Australian Red Cross, valid product must be purchased and paid in full within the Promotion Period (1 December 2018 to 28 February 2019). Purchase must only be for domestic and residential use and by Eligible Claimants only (as defined in the promotion Terms & Conditions).

Please Note: For validation purposes, on the promotion Claim Form you will be asked to provide a copy of your Tax Invoice for your purchased product. You will also be asked to provide the following product information for your purchased product: SET Model No*,  Outdoor Unit Model No, Outdoor Unit Serial No. To learn how you can find Outdoor Unit Serial No for your product, please visit promotion FAQs.

* Split system air conditioners are processed as a system (SET) and consist of two separate units – Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit. SET Model No is a model number of the system as opposed to the individual unit.


Product Series SET Model No Indoor Unit Model No Outdoor Unit Model No Capacity Donation Value Incentive Value




Avanti® series

DXK06ZSA-W-Set DXK06ZSA-W DXC06ZSA-W 2.0kW $20 $50
SRK20ZSA-W-Set SRK20ZSA-W SRC20ZSA-W 2.0kW $20 $50
DXK09ZSA-W-Set DXK09ZSA-W DXC09ZSA-W 2.5kW $20 $50
SRK25ZSA-W-Set SRK25ZSA-W SRC25ZSA-W 2.5kW $20 $50
DXK12ZSA-W-Set DXK12ZSA-W DXC12ZSA-W 3.5kW $20 $50
SRK35ZSA-W-Set SRK35ZSA-W SRC35ZSA-W 3.5kW $20 $50
DXK18ZSA-W-Set DXK18ZSA-W DXC18ZSA-W 5.0kW $20 $50
SRK50ZSA-W-Set SRK50ZSA-W SRC50ZSA-W 5.0kW $20 $50
SRK10YSA-W-Set SRK10YSA-W SRC10YSA-W 2.5kW $20 $50
SRK13YSA-W-Set SRK13YSA-W SRC13YSA-W 3.5kW $20 $50
SRK18YSA-W-Set SRK18YSA-W SRC18YSA-W 5.0kW $20 $50

Avanti PLUS® series

SRK20ZSXA-W-Set SRK20ZSXA-W SRC20ZSXA-W 2.0kW $20 $50
SRK25ZSXA-W-Set SRK25ZSXA-W SRC25ZSXA-W 2.5kW $20 $50
SRK35ZSXA-W-Set  SRK35ZSXA-W SRC35ZSXA-W 3.5kW $20 $50
SRK50ZSXA-W-Set SRK50ZSXA-W SRC50ZSXA-W 5.0kW $20 $50
SRK60ZSXA-W-Set SRK60ZSXA-W SRC60ZSXA-W 6.0kW $20 $50




Bronte® series

DXK21ZRA-W-Set DXK21ZRA-W DXC21ZRA-W 6.3kW $20 $50
DXK24ZRA-W-Set DXK24ZRA-W DXC24ZRA-W 7.1kW $20 $50
DXK28ZRA-W-Set DXK28ZRA-W DXC28ZRA-W 8.0kW $20 $50
DXK33ZRA-W-Set DXK33ZRA-W DXC33ZRA-W 9.5kW $20 $50
SRK24YRA-W-Set SRK24YRA-W SRC24YRA-W 7.1kW $20 $50
SRK63ZRA-W-Set SRK63ZRA-W SRC63ZRA-W 6.3kW $20 $50
SRK71ZRA-W-Set SRK71ZRA-W SRC71ZRA-W 7.1kW $20 $50
SRK80ZRA-W-Set SRK80ZRA-W SRC80ZRA-W 8.0kW $20 $50
SRK95ZRA-W-Set SRK95ZRA-W SRC95ZRA-W 9.5kW $20 $50