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Eligible Products

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To be eligible for a cashback, a participating product must be purchased between 1 July 2021 – 30 September 2021 inclusive (Purchase Period).

The purchase must only be for domestic/residential use and by Eligible Claimants only (as defined in the promotion Terms & Conditions).

Only selected single split, ducted systems and multi-split systems are eligible for the cashback.

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Product Series Indoor Unit Model No Outdoor Unit Model No  Capacity Cashback Value
                                                             WALL-MOUNTED SINGLE SPLIT SYSTEMS
Avanti® Series  DXK06ZSA-W DXC06ZSA-W 2.0kW $100
SRK20ZSA-W SRC20ZSA-W 2.0kW $100
DXK09ZSA-W DXC09ZSA-W 2.5kW $100
SRK25ZSA-W SRC25ZSA-W 2.5kW $100
DXK12ZSA-W DXC12ZSA-W 3.5kW $100
SRK35ZSA-W SRC35ZSA-W 3.5kW $100
DXK18ZSA-W DXC18ZSA-W 5.0kW $150
SRK50ZSA-W SRC50ZSA-W 5.0kW $150
Avanti® Cool Only SRK10YSA-W SRC10YSA-W 2.5kW $100
SRK13YSA-W SRC13YSA-W 3.5kW $100
SRK18YSA-W SRC18YSA-W 5.0kW $100
Avanti PLUS® Series SRK20ZSXA-W SRC20ZSXA-W 2.0kW $150
SRK25ZSXA-W SRC25ZSXA-W 2.5kW $150
 SRK35ZSXA-W SRC35ZSXA-W 3.5kW $150
SRK50ZSXA-W SRC50ZSXA-W 5.0kW $150
SRK60ZSXA-W SRC60ZSXA-W 6.0kW $200
Bronte® Series DXK21ZRA-W DXC21ZRA-W 6.3kW $200
SRK63ZRA-W SRC63ZRA-W 6.3kW $200
DXK24ZRA-W DXC24ZRA-W 7.1kW $200
SRK71ZRA-W SRC71ZRA-W 7.1kW $200
DXK28ZRA-W DXC28ZRA-W 8.0kW $200
SRK80ZRA-W SRC80ZRA-W 8.0kW $200
DXK33ZRA-W DXC33ZRA-W 9.5kW $250
SRK95ZRA-W SRC95ZRA-W 9.5kW $250
Bronte® Cool Only SRK24YRA-W SRC24YRA-W 7.1kW $150
                                       DUCTED SYSTEMS
FDUA Series FDUA71VF FDCA71VNXA 7.1kW $200
FDUA100VF2 FDCA100VN 10.0kW $250
FDUA100VH FDCA100VNA-W 10.0kW $250
FDUA100VH FDCA100VN 10.0kW $250
FDUA100VH FDC100VNP 10.0kW $250
FDUA100VH FDC100VNP-W 10.0kW $250
FDUA100VH FDCA100VSA-W 10.0kW $250
FDUA125VF FDCA125VNX 12.5kW $300
FDUA125VF FDC125VSX 12.5kW $300
FDUA125VH FDCA125VSNX-W 12.5Kw $300
FDUA125VH FDCA125VNX-W 12.5kW $300
FDUA140VF FDCA140VNX 14.0kW $350
FDUA140VF FDCA140VSX 14.0kW $350
FDUA140VG FDCA140VNX 14.0kW $350
FDUA140VG FDCA140VSX 14.0kW $350
FDUA140VH FDCA140VNX-W 14.0kW $350
FDUA140VH FDCA140VSX-W 14.0kW $350
FDUA160VF FDCA160VSA 16.0kW $400
FDUA160VG FDCA160VSA 16.0kW $400
FDUA200VG FDCA200VSA 20.0kW $400
FDU Series FDU71VH FDCA71VNX-W 7.1kW $200
FDU71VH FDCA71VNXA 7.1kW $200
FDU100VH FDCA100VNA-W 10.0kW $250
FDU100VH FDCA100VN 10.0kW $250
FDU100VH FDC100VNP-W 10.0kW $250
FDU100VH FDC100VNP 10.0kW $250
FDU125VH FDCA125VNX 12.5kW $300
FDU140VH FDCA140VNX 14.0kW $350
FDU100VH FDCA100VSA-W 10.0kW $250
FDU125VH FDC125VSX 12.5kW $300
FDU125VH FDCA125VNX-W 12.5kW $300
FDU125VH FDCA125VSX-W 12.5kW $300
FDU140VH FDCA140VSX 14.0kW $350
FDU140VH FDCA140VNX-W 14.0kW $350
FDU140VH FDCA140VSX-W 14.0kW $350
KX 1:1 Series FDU90KXE6F FDC112KXEN6 11.2kW $400
FDU112KXE6F FDC112KXEN6 11.2kW $400
FDU140KXE6F FDC140KXEN6 14.0kW $400
FDU140KXE6F FDC140KXES6 14.0kW $400
FDU160KXE6F FDC140KXEN6 14.0kW $400
FDU160KXE6F FDC155KXEN6 15.5kW $400
FDU160KXE6F FDC140KXES6 14.0kW $400
FDU160KXE6F FDC155KXES6 15.5kW $400
FDU224KXZE1 FDC224KXZPE1 22.4kW $450
FDU280KXZE1 FDC280KXZPE1 28.0kW $450
                                                 MULTI REVERSE CYCLE SYSTEMS
Multi System Series Multiple Combinations SCM40ZS-W 4.0kW $400
Multiple Combinations SCM45ZS-W 4.5kW $400
Multiple Combinations SCM50ZS-W 5.0kW $400
Multiple Combinations SCM60ZS-W 6.0kW $400
Multiple Combinations SCM71ZS-W 7.1kW $400
Multiple Combinations SCM80ZS-W 8.0kW $400
Multiple Combinations SCM100ZM-S 10.0kW $400
Multiple Combinations SCM100ZS-W 10.0kW $400