SCM40ZS-S, 4.0kW

Outdoor Unit SCM40ZS-S
Power supply Outdoor   1 Phase 230V 50Hz
CapacityØ Cooling T1 kW 4.0 (1.8~5.9)
Heating H1 kW 4.5 (1.4~6.9)
InputØ Cooling T1 kW 0.84
Heating H1 kW 0.90
EER Cooling T1   4.76
COP Heating H1   5.00
CurrentØ Cooling T1 A 3.8
Heating H1 A 4
Rec Circuit Breaker   A 25
Sound power level (JIS C9612) Cooling(Outdoor) dB (A) 60
Heating(Outdoor) dB (A) 64
External dimensionsØ (HXWXD) mm 596x780(+90)x290
Net weight Outdoor kg 42
Refrigerant piping Liquid line mm Ø6.35 X 2
Gas line mm Ø9.52 X 2
Union mm (φ9.52→φ12.7 ) X 1
Connection method   Flare connection
Refrigerant R410A Volume kg 1.9
Pre-Charged m 30
Indoor Unit Combination SRK-ZMA kW 2.0, 2.5, 3.5Ø
SRK-ZMXA kW 2.0, 2.5, 3.5Ø
SRF-ZMXA kW 2.5, 3.5
SRR-ZM kW 2.5, 3.5
FDTC-VF kW 2.5, 3.5
Indoor Unit Connection     2 Units
Indoor Connection Capacity   kW 4.0kW to 6.0kW
Note 1 Rated data is measured using SRK*ZMXA indoor unit at an equilivant indoor/ outdoor capacity
Note 2 Currently there is no energy labelling standard for this type of productØ