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Split Systems

Split systems are Australia’s most popular solution for heating and cooling single rooms or specific areas of your home. They’re easy to install, highly efficient to run and come in a range of designs and capacities to suit any sized space.

They also boast a wide range of convenient features and functions to deliver the upmost comfort all year round.

Capacities: 2.0kW — 6.0kW
Reverse Cycle

Considered our platinum series, the Avanti PLUS® includes an award winning design and industry leading energy ratings. It’s also one of the quietest split systems on the market and incorporates an energy saving motion sensor, improved automatic mode for even more precise temperature control as well as ‘Clean Air Technology’ which captures and neutralises fine smoke particles, allergens, odours bacteria and viruses.

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Capacities: 2.0kW — 5.0kW
Reverse Cycle / Cool Only

Named by ProductReview as the best split system of 2024, the Avanti® split system features a sleek and stylish design and incorporates a range of convenient features and functions including various timers and scheduling options as well as ‘Clean Air Technology’ which helps to improve indoor air quality. The Avanti® is best suited to small and medium spaces.

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Capacities: 6.3kW — 10.0kW
Reverse Cycle / Cool Only

Named by ProductReview as the best split system three years in a row, the Bronte® split system incorporates advanced fan blade technology to efficiently deliver an industry leading, long reach airflow making it perfect for larger spaces.

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Capacities: 1.5kW — 7.1kW
Reverse Cycle

The Ciara™ series of split systems incorporates timeless and elegant Italian design, with rounded contours and a sleek finish. Compact and lightweight, the Ciara™ series is packed with features including built-in Wi-Fi & voice control compatibility. The Ciara™ series of split systems is perfect for small to medium spaces.

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Capacities: 2.5kW — 5.0kW
Reverse Cycle

Powerful yet quiet, the Wera® series of floor standing systems is perfect for rooms where wall space is limited. With the ability to select air outlet, high performance in low temps and high power mode to deliver rapid heating and cooling, the Wera® series is perfect solution for keeping small and medium spaces comfortable all year round.

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Capacities: 2.5kW — 5.6kW
Reverse Cycle

The Akari® series of bulkhead systems are designed to sit entirely within your ceiling space and distribute air via grilles. Featuring a slim, low-profile design and measuring only 200mm in height, The Akari® series is the ideal choice for apartments with limited ceiling space. As well as incorporating a range of convenient features and functions the Akari® series is extremely quiet making it perfect for bedrooms.

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