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Multi Split Systems

With the ability to connect one outdoor unit to multiple indoor units, all of which can be individually controlled, our Multi Split systems offer a space saving and cost-effective solution for heating and cooling multiple rooms.

With the ability to connect up to five indoor units to one outdoor unit, a maximum pipe run of up to 75m in some models and a maximum height difference of up to 20m, our Multi Split systems are flexible and versatile making configuring solutions for any application, including multi-storey homes easy.

Capacities: 4.0kW — 10.0kW
Max. Indoor Units: 2 — 5
Single Phase

With the ability to connect up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit, the SCM-ZS-W series of multi-split systems offers a compact and versatile solution for cooling and heating multiple rooms. Thanks to improved component design, the SCM-ZS-W series boasts super quiet operation while also delivering high energy efferences. The ability to control each indoor unit independently offers even further energy savings while also providing complete control.

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