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Product in Focus: Avanti PLUS Split System

Engineered by Italian designers and boasting industry leading energy ratings, the Avanti PLUS® split system is efficient as it is stylish. Boasting a huge range of convenient features, we’ve taken a closer look to determine exactly what makes the Avanti PLUS® the perfect solution for keeping you warm during those chilly winters and cool during the scorching Aussie summers.

Recommended by CHOICE®

As one of Australia’s leading consumer advocacy groups, CHOICE® conducts independent testing of air conditioners and makes recommendations based on a set criteria. Scoring highly for star ratings, cooling and heating efficiency and yearly running costs, – two models of the Avanti PLUS® were recommended by CHOICE® (the 2.5kW and 5.0kW) meaning you can be sure the Avanti PLUS® is the best of the best!

High energy efficiency means lower running costs

 When it comes to energy efficiency, this Avanti PLUS® hits it out of the ballpark. Improvements in the internal design, in combination with the use of R32 refrigerant, have allowed the Avanti PLUS® to achieve impressive energy ratings. The 2.0kW model is currently the most energy efficient air conditioner in Australia – with an industry leading 7 Star “Super-Efficiency’ rating for both heating and cooling.

Why all the fuss about energy efficiency? An energy efficient air conditioner will use less electricity to achieve the same outcomes as a non-energy efficient unit. Choosing a highly energy efficient air conditioner such as Avanti PLUS® means reduced electricity bills and greater savings in the long run. Put simply: more bang for your buck.

Award Winning Design

As well as incorporating advanced Japanese engineering, the Avanti PLUS® also boasts a sleek, sophisticated and modern design and was recently awarded the Gold Good Design Award for Domestic Appliances at the 2019 Australian Good Design Awards. These awards – considered the highest honour for design and innovation in Australia’s reflects the stylish look and feel of the Avanti PLUS® and MHIAA’s drive to deliver good looking products for modern Aussie homes.

Odour and Allergen Free Air

The Avanti PLUS® Platinum Series also delivers odour and allergen free air via MHIAA’s Allergen Clear System. The system incorporates two, specially designed filters and a self-cleaning function which reduces airborne allergens such as pollen and dust by capturing them in a specially formulated Allergen Clear FilterTM and eliminating them via the multi-stage Allergen Clear Operation. A photo-catalytic filter captures any remaining particles and neutralises odour causing bacteria before the Self Cleaning Mode dries the internal anti-microbial fan and internal components, ensuring fresh air on every start-up! customer testimonials

While we of course think the Avanti PLUS® is the best thing since sliced bread – don’t take our word for it! If you head over the Avanti PLUS listing on you’ll see first hand that customers who have purchased the unit also love it – with the series earning a star rating of 4.7 out of 5. Some of the comments from happy customers include: “Absolutely quiet and highly efficient”, “Aboslutely amazing”, and “Perfect small AC unit”.

[1] Additional Wi-Fi Adapter required.

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