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PIONEERING CHANGE: MHIAA delivers CO2 Training Program with Superior Training Centre

On Wednesday 28 February 2024, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA) together with Superior Training Centre (RTO ID 41122) delivered a bespoke CO2 training program aimed at elevating industry standards and expertise in CO2 refrigerant.

About the Training Program

Designed to meet the evolving demand for CO2 refrigerant within the HVAC market, the bespoke course was developed for distinguished members of AIRAH and MHIAA’s corporate clientele. The training event was hosted at MHIAA’s esteemed Training Centre Innovation Park, located in Regents Park, NSW.

During the full day training event, participants were equipped with indispensable insights and skills essential for navigating the intricacies of modern refrigeration systems. Participants were provided with a profound understanding of the principles, applications, and best practices for CO2 refrigeration systems in a blend of theoretical and hands- on sessions.

Q-ton in focus

As an industry leader in CO2 products, MHIAA was able to provide firsthand experience of their Air-to-water heat pump, Q-ton, which uses patented compressor technology and CO2 gas as a refrigerant to offer a relievable and efficient hot water solution for a range of commercial applications.

During the full day session, attendees were provided with an overview of our current Q-ton line-up, its commercial applications and current features and benefits. Over the last 10 years, Q-ton has made a significant impact on commercial projects providing sanitary hot water to locations including but not limited to hotels, distilleries, hospitals, restaurants, and aged care facilities.

Q-ton delivers outstanding performance and environmental benefits to varied applications and is exceptionally energy efficient ensuring large reductions in both power consumption and carbon emissions. Q-ton is also able to maintain full capacity down to -7°C made possible by the rotary scroll compressor with gas injection.

A word from Management

Managing Director for MHIAA, Mr. Yuji Ito, highlights that this training is a further example of the company’s commitment to the community and delivering world class technology and training.

“At Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, we are extremely honoured to be collaborating with Superior Training Centre to develop this bespoke training course for our attendees. With the ever-changing demand and rise of CO2 within the HVAC market we are delighted to be leading the charge in bringing world class engineering and knowledge to participants and educating them on this market shift.” Mr. Yuji Ito, MHIAA.

“The CO2 training program delivered here in Innovation Park has been a resounding success for both MHIAA and Superior Training Centre. The Training program exceeded all expectations, and we were able to deliver this program to more participants than we initially expected within our Training Facilities.”

“We look forward to many more opportunities to develop these training programs in partnership with Superior Training Centre and providing the HVAC market with leading education programs to meet the ever-changing needs and demands within the market.” Mr. Yuji Ito, MHIAA.

About Superior Training Centre (RTO ID 41122)

Renowned for its commitment to excellence, Superior Training Centre (RTO ID 41122) is a trusted provider of industry-relevant training and education. With accreditation and a proven track record of producing skilled professionals, STC stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in advancing workforce capabilities and driving organisational success.