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New Zoned Energy Rating Labels for Air-Conditioners

The Australian Government, under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act , have announced that a new Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL) will be rolled out across Australia from the 1st of April 2020.

While the old labels simply provided a star energy rating for an air conditioner when used in heating or cooling mode, the new air conditioner labels provides more information including the difference in energy efficiency of each model of air conditioner across three climate zones and estimated annual energy consumption of each model within these three zones. This climate zone performance information helps consumers get a better understanding of how efficient an air conditioner would be when installed in their own home and local climate.

Example:  A customer located in Canberra, ACT would likely use their air conditioner’s heating function more often and would refer to the ‘Cold’ zone for a closer indication of the air conditioner’s star rating and annual energy consumption for their location whereby a customer located in Brisbane, QLD would likely use their air conditioner’s cooling function more and thus should refer to the ‘Hot’ zone for information.

What information do the new zoned ENERGY rating labels provide?

The new Zoned Energy Rating Labels provide more information than the previous labels including;

  • How much cooling and heating power an air conditioner can provide
  • How efficient an air conditioner is depending on where you live
  • How much electricity the air conditioner will use, depending on where you live
  • How much noise the indoor and outdoor unit produce

How do i read the new star energy label?

The below graphic helps you understand each different section of the label.


Where can i find more information?

MHIAA will continue to update it’s customers with important important however for more information, head over to the Energy Rating’s website for more information on the new Zoned Energy Rating Labels and other programs.