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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Recommended Across all Size Categories by CHOICE®

CHOICE®, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, has recommended three of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia’s (MHIAA) Reverse Cycle Split Systems in its October 2018 review. Further cementing its place in the market, MHIAA has had units recommended across all three categories, namely; small, medium and large capacities.

The Bronte® series once again fared well against tough competition in the large capacity category. Ideal for the heating or cooling of a medium to large space, the SRK71ZRA-W AC unit from the Bronte® series received a notable thumbs up from CHOICE® for its heating and cooling efficiencies. This unit makes use of the R32 refrigerant which requires less energy to achieve the desired temperature when compared to the R410A refrigerant.

Ideal for living rooms or bedrooms, the SRK25ZSXA-W model from the AvantiPLUS® series with its 2.5kW cooling capacity and 3.2kW heating capacity fared well in terms of price and performance when compared to its competitors. CHOICE® also recommended the Avanti PLUS® SRK50ZSXA-W unit, which is perfect for small to medium spaces.

This small AC unit packs a big punch and offers a range of convenient features and functions, including an energy saving motion sensor, improved automatic mode for precise temperature control, super quiet operation and optional WiFi control. It offers a cooling and heating capacity of 5.0kW and 6.0kW respectively.

Spokesperson for MHIAA, Adrian Brown says that the recommendations of its products bears testament to the brand’s philosophy of creating products that are designed to improve the lives of those who use them.

“We always put our customer first and pride ourselves on delivering quality products to Australia. Being recognised by CHOICE® is an honour and it validates our commitment to innovation” Brown concludes.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia offers a complete range of premium air conditioners for residential and commercial spaces. Innovation is central to the organisation and underpins every aspect of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries appliances. Fostering Japan’s technological leadership and in combination with the organisation’s rich heritage in engineering, aviation and spacecraft leadership, the company continues to achieve unrivalled success in Australia and New Zealand.