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MHIAA Split Systems Awarded CHOICE Recommendations

CHOICE®, Australia’s leading consumer advocacy group, in its latest testing has recommended two models from MHIAA’s Bronte® Series as part of its large capacity air conditioners review.

The 6.3kW and 7.1kW models have outperformed their competitors in both heating and cooling efficiency, scoring in the top percentile of the CHOICE® Recommended reports. These powerful performers create a comfortable room environment and utilise the R32 refrigerant which requires less energy to achieve the desired temperature when compared to the R410A refrigerant.*

“The heart of our design philosophy is the consumer. We want to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of our consumers,” says Senior Advisor Graham Hamilton, MHIAA.

“The Bronte® series ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for a heating or cooling solution for a medium or larger sized space. Advanced technology within the system produces a cleaner air flow, which is hugely beneficial for anyone who struggles with hayfever and allergies during the Spring Season.”

By incorporating MHIAA’s Clean Air Technology, comprised of MHIAA’s Allergen Clear FilterTM and a deodorising, photo-catalytic filter, the Bronte® series is able to deliver odour and allergen free air to Australian homes. The Allergen Clear FilterTM removes airborne allergens such as pollen, hair and dust by capturing them in a specially formulated enzyme filter before the multi-stage Allergen Clear Operation activates the enzyme filter, neutralising and eliminating all allergens. A washable photo-catalytic filter captures any remaining particles before neutralizing the odour carrying bacteria within these while the Self Cleaning Mode dries and cleans the internal components, including the anti-microbial fan ensuring fresh air on every startup.

Incorporating the same advanced fan blade technology used in the development of jet engines, the Bronte® series also features a market leading 18m* long reach airflow (*SRK71ZRA-W in cooling conditions). A powerful, yet quiet airflow is evenly distributed across the room to provide a comfortable living space.

With a wide operation range, sustained heating and cooling is possible even in extreme outdoor climates from as low as -15°C and as high as +46°C.

Bronte® by MHIAA is available in leading air conditioning dealers and comes with a five-year parts and labour warranty. For more information click here to download a copy of the Bronte® series brochure.