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MHIAA Launches Virtual Showroom – Innovation Park

Dedicated to bringing the best products to customers, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA) is excited to announce launch of their Virtual Showroom Innovation Park.

With Virtual Innovation Park, MHIAA is delving into the online space to offer a new and intuitive way for customers to get up close and personal with the latest product ranges, technical information, features and functions.

Launched today, Virtual Innovation Park allows users to customise their experience, granting them access to information in a user driven way. Customers will be able to experience the latest product offerings from small residential solutions right through to large commercial solutions.

Managing Director for MHIAA Mr. Yuji Ito highlights that each experience and interaction with the showroom can be driven by the user and offer them the chance to find out more about our product offerings.

“With Virtual Innovation Park we wanted to give all our customers and users the chance to get up close with our products anywhere at any time. Through this tool, customers can not only explore our product range but they will also be provided with up to date product images and key features and functions on each product.” Mr Yuji Ito, Managing Director MHIAA.

For consumers and customers alike, this tool is not only capable with providing them with access to new information but also gives them the opportunity to experience new features including WI-FI technology and its integration in the SMART Home.

“At MHIAA we recognise the importance of moving towards the SMART Home and developing ways that our products can be integrated into these homes. Through Virtual Innovation Park, users will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how our WI-FI system works with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Customers can select from prebuilt commands that would be standard across all systems and see exactly how these commands would be used to operate your unit.” Mr Yuji Ito.

With Virtual Innovation Park, MHIAA is demonstrating its commitment to consumers around Australia and New Zealand by offering them new and improved ways to engage and interact with their product range. The site also offers users the chance to find out more information through enquiries or brochures and gives them the chance to request a quote for any selected unit.

“Today, manufacturers realise how engaged consumers are before making a purchase, particularly one that is an investment for their home. At MHIAA we are continually looking for ways that we can support our customers and offer them the best forms of engagement with our product range. Virtual Innovation Park for us is the next step in continuing to evolve our customer services and experiences.”

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