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MHIAA Introduces the R32 range of Multi Split Systems

In a further example of their commitment to bringing the latest products to the Australian consumer, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA) is pleased to announce the launch of their new R32 Multi Split System Range of air conditioners.

Using state of the art, advanced technologies to create the perfect heating and cooling solution for residential and commercial applications, MHIAA’s new range of Multi-Split systems are categorised by their high flexibility, high energy efficiency and reduced noise levels.

The new SCM-ZS-W outdoor units and compatible indoor units can be designed and tailored to suit consumers specific needs providing the ultimate in-home comfort across several rooms. The design flexibility of the range offers users energy-efficient and space-saving solutions for heating and cooling multiple rooms.

To help provide users with maximum comfort, the new range also offers users the opportunity to individually control each indoor unit with regards to on/off, changing the temperature, timer settings, and other features and functions to suit their individual needs.

Featuring both the new R32 refrigerant and the ability to select which indoor unit will operate, Multi-systems offer an energy-saving solution that can help users reduce their running costs.

Managing Director for MHIAA Mr Yuji Ito highlights that the introduction of the R32 Multi-Split Systems in Australia and New Zealand is another example of the company’s commitment to bring high-quality products that meet the needs of its consumers.

“At MHIAA, we recognise that there is a continual push in Australia for product flexibility and products that meet and exceed the energy efficiency requirements of the Australian consumers. This new range of Multi-Split Systems not only includes the R32 refrigerant but also includes higher energy efficiencies when compared to the superseded R410A equivalent models.” Mr Yuji Ito, Managing Director, MHIAA.

“We are extremely proud to be launching this new range of air conditioners into the Australian and New Zealand markets as another product solution for our valued customers” Mr Yuji Ito.

MHIAA Multi Split Outdoor Units are available from 4kW-10kW and can be connected to up to 2 to 5* indoor units. For a full quote click here.

*Indoor unit combinations vary depending on the outdoor unit. For a full list of combinations click here

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