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MHIAA Hosts Annual Kirby National Training and Development Meeting

Last week, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) was proud to host the Annual Kirby National Training and Development meeting in Innovation Park, our new training facility at Regents Park.

Designed to raise awareness of MHIAA’s wide range of product offerings and product training opportunities, MHIAA was able to use this day to demonstrate not only our support of Kirby but to also utilise this as an opportunity to provide more information of MHI as a brand, our rich history, products and solutions and strengthen our ongoing business relationship with the trusted national wholesaler.

The one day course featured presentations from various staff, including members from our R&D Department, Technical Sales Department and other business areas and allowed the Kirby team to gain first hand experience of our products and their uses through the interactive working models located in Innovation Park.

Formerly known as Heatcraft, Kirby Australia is one of MHIAA’s long-standing key customer groups and has been on a the same growth journey that MHIAA has been on over the years. The training day was a resounding success for both Kirby and MHIAA and we look forward to further opportunities for a joint partnership.