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MHIAA Awarded Best Brand of Air Conditioner for 2018 by CHOICE®

Standing tall against the ‘best of the best’, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) has been selected by CHOICE® as the Best Brand of Air Conditioners for 2018.

This highly regarded stamp of approval by Australia’s Consumer Group CHOICE® is based on test reviews of 140 split-system air conditioners and 7,738 respondents in the annual reliability and satisfaction survey completed by CHOICE® annually. Furthermore, the findings are weighted on brand reliability, overall average test score, recommendation ratios and overall customer satisfaction. Read the announcement here.

According to CHOICE®, air conditioners are reviewed twice a year – in May and October respectively, to ensure the most accurate results for both the winter and summer seasons. Data is then cross-checked against the Government registration database for complete accuracy.  Adrian Brown, National Sales and Planning Manager for MHIAA says that receiving the Best Brand recognition by CHOICE® cements its commitment to quality, technology and customer service.

“Against tough competition, MHIAA scored a Best Brand score of 79% and a satisfaction rating of 91% with a high reliability rating of 88%. This talks to high performance, quality, exceeding customer expectations and ultimately improving lives”. In addition to this, MHIAA has licenced three CHOICE® recommended products in the small, medium and large capacity categories in October 2018 for its Bronte® 7.1kW model (SRK71ZRA-W) and Avanti PLUS® 2.5kW (SRK25ZSXA-W) and 5.0kW (SRK50ZSXA-W) models.


Spokesperson for MHIAA, Adrian Brown says that the recommendations of its products bears testament to the brand’s philosophy of creating products that are designed to improve the lives of those who use them. “We always put our customer first and pride ourselves on delivering quality products to Australia. Being recognised by CHOICE® is an honour and it validates our commitment to innovation”.

This acknowledgement of merit will continue to help the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries brand grow and develop in the consumer market and increase the awareness of our quality and technological advancement across residential and commercial applications.