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MHI’s Spirit of Monozukuri

The spirit of Monozukuri sits at the heart of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group and is evident through the ideation and commitment to research, developing and producing innovative products. It’s a philosophy adopted across all MHI business globally and is apparent in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd’s (MHIAA) dedication in supplying award winning air conditioning products to the Australian and New Zealand market.

The art of Monozukuri originated in Japan as far back as 2000BC. Whilst Monozukuri is rooted in the art of manufacturing, in contemporary times the idea heavily influences science and engineering, fueling scientific and technological innovation. Today, Monozukuri in Japan is the driving principle that drives design innovation that conforms the output of any successful manufacturing companies.

Monozukuri is a compound word; mono, meaning product, item, or thing, and zukuri, which is the process of making. It is both a concept and a mindset that encapsulates more than its literal definition. It is the idea of possessing the spirit to produce excellent products, as well as the ability to constantly innovate and evolve design, systems, and processes. The concept of Monozukuri encapsulates the values of excellence, skill, spirit, pride, technology, and people – it is the mindset of producing quality products that constantly outlast and outperform.

MHI people are what makes the spirit of Monokuzuri and the customer is central to MHI’s philosophy, and technology is shared across the numerous industries. It is not inconceivable that technology developed in its space division could find its way into a MHI air conditioning unit. This team-based approach encourages both innovation and the free flow of ideas that result in excellence in design and development.

Monozukuri is a thought, a philosophy, and a principle that guides MHIAA in the way it makes air conditioners. Adherence to this principle has its rewards, with MHIAA winning multiple accolades including the top award for design and innovation at Australia’s 61st annual Good Design awards for the Avanti PLUS®. The Avanti PLUS® is one of the quietest split systems on the market and incorporates an energy saving motion sensor and an improved automatic mode for even more precise temperature control. It also incorporates ‘Clean Air Technology’ which captures and neutralises fine allergen particles.  The secret is the Allergen Clear FilterTM technology which deactivates of the Enzyme-urea compound. It deactivates not only allergens but also bacteria, moulds, and viruses so the air in your room is kept fresh.

For the third year running, MHIAA has also been recognised by consumer advocacy group CHOICE® as the best air conditioner brand in Australia as well as being awarded Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for the second year in a row in the air-conditioners category. The CHOICE® annual recommendation is awarded to products or services that out-perform their competitors, customer satisfaction and reliability over the last 12 months.

Monuzukuri guides every aspect of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries product. Adherence to these principles ensures Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are at the forefront of design and innovation and its air conditioners are the best available in Australia and New Zealand.