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MHI Introduces “Hydrolution EZY” Air-to-Water Heat Pumps to the European Market

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd. (MHI Thermal Systems), a part of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group, has added a new series, “Hydrolution EZY,” to its lineup of air-to-water (ATW) heat pumps for the European market. This new line includes two models with capacities of 10kW and 14kW, scheduled for release this winter.

The Hydrolution EZY series, featuring monobloc design, reflects our commitment to sustainability and contributes to the ongoing development of a decarbonized society in Europe, aligning with our existing eco-friendly split-type units. The series use the eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, just like their split ATW counterparts. They are also quieter during operation and have a broader temperature range. Plus, the integrated water heat exchanger in the outdoor unit simplifies installation compared to the split-type systems, which requires both refrigerant piping and water piping.

Innovative engineering has led to an improved anti-vibration technology achieved through material enhancements and other innovations. This structure effectively reduces sound power levels, including noise, to 60dB (A) in the 10kW class model, even when running at full capacity. Additionally, the addition of a quiet mode, further reducing operational noise, ensures compliance with various noise regulations, particularly important in densely populated residential areas. These new ATW systems also work effectively in a wide range of outside temperatures, from -25℃ to 43℃, and can deliver 60℃ hot water even when the outside temperature is -25℃, making them a great replacement for combustion-type boilers in cold regions and reducing carbon emissions significantly.

In October 2021, MHI Group declared “MISSION NET ZERO” (Note) under which the Company aims to cut its Groupwide CO2 emissions to net zero by 2040. This effort mainly focuses on reducing CO2 emissions from production activities at MHI’s own facilities and reducing CO2 emissions at customer sites using MHI Group products. In the environmentally conscious European market, the Hydrolution EZY series is expected to accelerate the shift from fossil fuel-burning combustion-type boilers to electric ATWs, thereby reducing the substantial CO2 emissions associated with the latter. These systems represent a significant step towards achieving carbon neutrality across Europe, aligning with MHI Group’s MISSION NET ZERO.

Looking ahead, MHI Thermal Systems remains committed to leveraging its expertise in refrigeration and heating systems to develop environmentally friendly technologies and products. The goal is to provide optimal thermal solutions that contribute to achieving carbon neutrality, not only in Europe but also globally.

MHI Group has declared intent to achieve net zero carbon neutrality by 2040 and is currently working to reduce CO2 emissions both from its own production plants and from customer sites where its products are used. MHI Thermal Systems, as part of MHI Group, encouraged by its newly received ECCJ award, will continue striving to develop technologies and products that will further reduce CO2 emissions and conserve energy going forward. It will also contribute toward realizing a carbon neutral world by providing its customers with thermal solutions applicable at similar production sites.