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Manor Street, VIC

Project Description

Located in Brighton Bayside, one of Melbourne’s most luxurious coastal suburbs and home to the infamous Brighton bathing boxes, 9 Manor street is top of it’s class.

Built by Phil Ellison and competed in early 2019, this newly built home on an existing block is a stunning edition to the surrounding area and incorporates five bedrooms multiple living and dining areas including an upstairs retreat. benefits of apartment living.


The brand new, two storey, high-end home required a reliable heating and cooling air conditioning solution for all five bedrooms and common areas of varying sizes.

Reflecting the luxury design of the home, the solution would need to be invisible to home owners, extremely quiet during operation and deliver the best level of comfort during Melbourne’s harsh winters and scorching summers.
To remain inconspicuous, the outdoor condensing unit needed to be as small as possible with all indoor fan coils also being low profile to fit within the tight confines of the home’s design and structure.

Mhiaa’s solution

After considering various requirements of the project and working closely with trusted and experienced contractors Bayside Comfort Solutions, various capacities of slim profile, FDUT ducted fan coils were selected as indoor units while a KX Micro VRF systems and KXZP VRF system were ultimately chosen as outdoor condensing units for the project.

Due to their slim profile design the FDUT low static ducted fan coils offered a quiet and discreet solution for all spaces including bedrooms, foyer, living, kitchen and the upstairs retreat. The FDUT would allow easy installation into the confined ceiling spaces while still maintaining performance. MHIAA’s own SL4, 9” touch screen controller was installed to control all ducted systems within the home.

A combination of our KX Micro system – our powerful yet highly compact VRF solution and our slightly larger yet still compact KXZP VRF systems were connected in a multi-format to all indoor fan coils which offered a quiet, high-performance, flexible and energy efficient solution for the entire home.

By working closely with trusted contractor Bayside Comfort Solutions, MHIAA was able to deliver a quiet, discreet yet powerful heating solution which will keep this home’s occupants comfortable all year round.