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How To Clean Your MHIAA Split System Filters

Did you know, on average, we breathe in approximately 8,000 – 9,000 litres of air each day? As much as we’d like to believe that the air we’re breathing in is clean and fresh, research suggests otherwise. Think about all the different environments you are exposed to in 24 hours – your workplace, your local bus stop, shopping centre and gym. All these places have varying levels of pollutants and although you can’t control the air outside, you can control and improve air quality inside, in the most important place of all; your home.

Your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Split System incorporates specially designed filters that help keep the air in your home clean and crisp, however they do need a little TLC to keep them at their best.

We recommend cleaning the filters on your AC at least once a season. However, cleaning the filters doesn’t have to be a pesky or laborious task which is why we’ve created this simple 4 step guide to cleaning the filters

1.) Open Your Air Conditioner’s Front Panel

  • Gently, but firmly pull up the air inlet panel (front) on your indoor unit
  • Lightly hold the knobs on both sides and lift a little to bring the panel forward

Tip: If the panels are jammed or a bit difficult to open and close, use gentle force ensuring you don’t damage the unit. For instructions on how to properly remove the filters, refer to your user manual.  

2.) Identify the Air Filters

Reverse Cycle Split Systems are fitted with 3 different types of filters which ensure allergens, bacteria and other pollutants are trapped and neutralised.

  • 1 Allergen Clear FilterTM – light orange
  • 1 Photocatalytic Deodorising Filter – orange
  • 2 Air Filters – clear / mesh

Cool Only Split Systems are fitted with 2 different types of filters. Look out for the following:

  • 2 Air Filters – clear / mesh
  • 1 Natural Enzyme Filter – green


3.) Remove the Air Filters

Gently grab the 2 clear mesh filters at the bottom and release them by lifting them upwards. You should then be able to remove these completely by pulling them down. Next, remove the light orange Allergen Clear FilterTM  and orange photocatalytic filter by pulling them down gently.

4.) Clean and dry

Begin by removing the Allergen Clear FilterTM  (light orange) and Photocatalytic Filer (orange) from their plastic casings. Then grab your sponge and bucket of warm soapy water and gently remove any trapped dirt and grim by slowing wiping the sponge gently over all the various filters. Once clean, rinse under warm running water, pushing all captured particles off the filter (not through the filter).  For all other filters when you notice these are dirty, gently rinse them under running water.  Then, simply place the filters outside in the sunlight to dry. Drying properly reactivates the filters properties! Tip: To avoid damaging the filters, avoid cleaning them with boiling water, or drying them over an open flame. The manufacturers recommendation is that you replace your filters after 1 year of standard use.  

5.) Replace The Filters

Once completely dry, replace the Allergen Clear FilterTM  (light orange) and Photocatalytic Filer (orange) by sliding them back into place.  Then replace the two mesh filters by sliding the tops in first before inserting the small tabs on the bottom into their relevant slots. Then simply close the front panel in the same way you opened it and Voila – you’re done and dusted! Cleaning the filters in your air conditioner is a crucial part of the general maintenance that should not be skipped. On top of cleaning your air conditioning filter once a season, we suggest having your air conditioner serviced annually by a licensed professional, who will be able to check whether all parts of your unit are operating effectively. If you think it’s about time you had your unit serviced, head to our dealer search page to find your local MHIAA service agent.

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