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The Sleep Factor: How Choosing The Right Air-Conditioner Can Ensure A Good Nights Sleep for Your Child

Picture this, it’s a Tuesday night, you’ve had a shocking day at work, your stress levels are already through the roof, its 10pm and you’ve already spent the last two hours trying to convince your child that it’s time for bed. Sound familiar? Each night thousands of Aussie parents face this same struggle – from the constant “but I just need some water” to our personal favourite “but I’m just not tired”, convincing your child that they need to get to sleep is no easy feat.

While we can all agree that sleep is very important to a child’s health and development. Their mood, behaviour, concentration and emotions are all related to how much sleep they get each night. But not only this, a child’s sleeping pattern is also important for their parent’s health and relationships.

Sleep researchers, led by Professor Sarah Blunden, the head of paediatric sleep research at Central Queensland University and a clinical psychologist believe there that while there is no magic number for ‘sleep need’ the best evidence we have so far suggests the following:

  • Babies under 12 months:  14-18 hours throughout the day and night
  • Toddlers:  12-14 hours per 24-hour period
  • Primary School: 10-12 hours per day

While there are several different suggestions out there for parents on how to ensure your child get the optimal amount of sleep, one of the most important elements to a good night’s sleep is ensuring that the bedroom is as comfortable as possible. You’ll want to maintain the ideal temperature (not too hot and not too cold) throughout the year.

While you may not have considered this, your air-conditioner is one of the best ways to create the optimum room setting for the best night’s sleep.

Get familiar with child-friendly features

Air-Conditioner brands across the market are continuing to research and develop new ways to ensure your unit is the perfect accessory for a good night’s sleep. When selecting the perfect air-conditioner for your room you’ll want to look for the following:

  • Silent operation for periods of time where the unit will operate at reduced noise levels for an uninterrupted night’s sleep
  • Energy Efficient Eco Operation and Motion sensor to detect your child’s movement throughout the night and adjust the temperature settings accordingly.
  • LED Brightness Adjustment so you can dim the brightness of LED display on the indoor unit to minimise the disturbance of units in bedrooms.
  • Child Lock to lock your AC’s remote-control functions to prevent your little ones from changing the settings.
  • Allergen Clear Filters and Self Clean Operation to capture airborne allergens such as hair, pollen and dust particles, ensuring clean, odour and allergen free air in your children’s bedroom.


Luckily, a dream machine with all these features exists – introducing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Avanti PLUS®Series! The Avanti PLUS® reverse cycle, split system air-conditioner is truly an aircon evolved: with an award-winning design, industry leading efficiency (including the 2.0kW unit achieving a 7 star energy rating – the highest of any air-conditioner in Australia), the Avanti PLUS is efficient, reliable and offers advanced optional Wi-Fi control meaning you’ll be able to relax in another room while still monitoring your child’s climate via a smartphone, tablet or even your browser.

From now on, let your air-conditioner be the only thing that’s awake during the night, and parents with any luck maybe you’ll get that extra hour or two of sleep a night!

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