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Graham Hamilton Appointed General Manager of Sales


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia, Pty. Ltd. (MHIAA), is pleased to announce the appointment of Graham Hamilton as General Manager of Sales. As an inaugural member of the MHIAA team, Graham has been with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia since its foundation in the year 1999. As an integral part of the business since day one and as the business continues to evolve, the company is now ready to take a pathway forward under Graham’s leadership.

As a dedicated member of the executive team, Graham has continued to foster and strengthen MHIAA’s channel partnership across the company and has carried unrivalled experience and industry knowledge.  With over 27 years of experience in the HVAC Industry, Graham has been a pillar of influence in the company’s success over the years.

Managing Director for MHIAA, Mr. Yuji Ito notes that Graham’s knowledge and experience have been invaluable to the success of the business over the years and that this will be imperative moving forward.

“We are extremely honoured to announce that Graham Hamilton has been appointed General Manager of Sales for MHIAA. Having been with the company since its foundation in 1999 and with years of HVAC experience before this, Graham has been an integral team member, and we are excited for our new direction under his sales leadership.” Mr. Yuji Ito, Managing Director, MHIAA.

For Graham, this appointment is one that he is extremely honoured to be taking and he looks forward to the challenges and opportunities to come.

“I am excited to be taking the next step in my journey with MHIAA as General Manager of Sales. I look forward to the many opportunities and chances for change that will come our way and while we will face many challenges, with the support of our great departments I am sure we will all rise to the challenge.” Mr. Graham Hamilton.

During this transition stage, Graham will delve deeper into all parts of the business and effectively work strategically alongside our sales, marketing, operations, and service departments.

“As General Manager of sales I look forward to working alongside all our functional departments and executive teams to create a wholistic and beneficial customer- centric business approach. We have many new prospects on the horizon as a company and are looking forward to bringing these to the Australian and New Zealand Markets in due course.” Mr. Graham Hamilton, MHIAA.

“On behalf of MHIAA we would like to congratulate Graham on his new appointment and look forward to a new era of growth and success through his leadership.’ Mr. Yuji Ito, MHIAA.

Graham Hamilton was appointed General Manager of Sales in November 2023 and can be contacted directly at MHIAA.