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Product Registration & Warranty Service Request

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Welcome to MHIAA after sales support and congratulations on your purchase. Register your MHI product with us for a simpler process to submit a future warranty claim.

By choosing MHIAA, you can have the confidence that you have chosen a product that has not only been rated Australia’s Best Air-Conditioner Brand 5 years in a row by CHOICE but also been voted “Most Satisfied Customer Award” by Canstar Blue 4 years in a row, in addition to other awards as below.


Product Registration – Login or create an account (Optional)

1. To register your product, press the button below and create an account. If you already created an account, please login. 

2. Once logged in, press “PRODUCT REGISTRATION“, enter the details for each A/C system and upload your proof of purchase(s), so you have it in your account.

3. When logged in, for a simpler process to submit a future warranty claim, press “WARRANTY SERVICE REQUEST



sUBMIT A WARRANTY SERVICE REQUEST or review our warranty t&cs and faqs

1. If submitting a Warranty Service Request, please press the button below. Enter the required information in the form and press submit.



*5 year parts and labour warranty

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia focuses solely on manufacturing high performance air conditioners for the Australian market. All our systems are of the highest quality and are backed by a full *5-year parts and labour warranty.

Each of our products is covered by its own set of warranty conditions. Please refer to our Warranty Terms & Conditions before submitting a Warranty Service Request.

*Not all products are eligible for a 5-year warranty period. Refer to the Warranty Terms and Conditions for product warranty periods.