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What is Hyper Inverter technology?

Hyper Inverter technology is highly efficient inverter technology. Inverter technology helps to maintain a room’s temperature through the continual adjustments of the cooling and heating outputs. The Inverter technology adjusts to changes in the room’s temperature by slowing down the output when the desired temperature is reached and slightly increasing it to maintain the temperature against any changes. Hyper Inverter completes this process in a highly efficient way.

What is the difference between Single Phase and Three Phase models of Ducted, Ceiling Suspended and Ceiling Cassette systems?

The power supply to the premises. A single phase has one power supply (standard) whereas a three phase has 3 power supplies. In general, residential premises use single phase and commercial premises use three phase, however three phase can be installed in your house. Each model is made to suit each application. To find out what application you require contact your local dealer.

What is the difference between High Static and Medium Static Ducted systems?

Static Pressure is the amount of pressure an AC unit needs to overcome friction. The longer the duct the more static you need. High Static ducted systems are suitable for larger houses with a longer duct range as they can produce more static pressure. Medium Static ducted systems are used in smaller/medium sized homes that have a shorter duct requirement.

What does the heating and cooling capacity (kW) mean?

The heating and cooling capacity of your AC is measured in kilowatts (kW). Kilowatts measure the amount of energy output that occurs during operation. AC units that have a larger kW capacity can heat or cool larger spaces.

What do the energy star ratings stand for?

The energy star ratings are a mandatory label that most single split AC systems must include. The star rating represents the energy efficiency of the AC system. The higher the number of stars on the energy labels the more efficient your system is.

What does reverse cycle mean?

A reverse cycle system will provide both heating and cooling options. This means that your air conditioner can be used all year round.

What does cool only mean?

Cool only AC systems only provide the cooling option. These systems are suitable in areas where the temperature is relatively warm all year round.

What is the difference between Sound Power Level and Sound Pressure Level?

Sound Power Level and Sound Pressure Level measure the noise levels that air conditioners produce. Sound Power measures the total sound levels emitted by the air conditioner in all directions. Sound Pressure, on the other hand, measures the intensity of the given sound sources.  For recommendations on the sound levels that best suit your needs contact your local dealer.

What is EER/COP?

EER/COP are the units that measure your air conditioner’s efficiency. Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is used to measure the AC’s efficiency in cooling whereas the Co-efficient of Performance (COP) is used for heating conditions. AC units that have a higher EER/COP value are considered to be more efficient.

What is Jet Air technology?

Jet Air Technology is the innovative technology from MHI. The same blade technology that has been applied to Jet engines has been used in the design of the air channels of MHI air conditioners. This will deliver a uniform and gentle breeze to every corner of the room, producing a large volume of air without consuming much power.

What is Clean Air technology?

Clean Air Technology represents the features and modes you can enable on your AC unit to reduce the effects of allergens caught in the filters, as well as controlling the growth of mould and bacteria in the indoor unit. This assists in generating a pure and clean air flow in your room.

What is R32 refrigerant and what impact does it have on my energy bills?

R32 refrigerant is the next generation refrigerant that has a lower Global Warming Potential and offers amazing energy efficiency benefits. The R32 refrigerant needs less energy to achieve the desired temperature as it requires less refrigerant volume to operate.  This will lower the amount of electricity usage your AC contributes to your energy bills.

What added features on my split system air conditioner can be activated with a wireless remote?

Depending on the model you purchase, your wireless remote can be used to activate a number of features. Set the weekly timer, control the temperature, activate the clean air technology, change the mode of the AC and activate sleep mode. The options are endless!

Can I control my MHI air conditioner on my phone?

Yes! With our Optional Wi-Fi control you can control and monitor your AC from your phone. Whether you are at home or not you can maintain complete control over your AC at all times.

Can I have a wired controller instead of a wireless remote on my split system air conditioner?

Yes! There are a number of options you can select for wired controllers depending on the model you buy. For more information on the available options please check the product page of your selected model.