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Maintenance and Service

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Do I have to professionally service my air conditioner?

Air conditioners, like any other appliance, need to be regularly maintained to ensure their longevity. MHIAA recommends that you annually, professionally service your air conditioner.

How can I ensure that my air conditioner is properly maintained to operate efficiently all year around?

To ensure your air conditioner works all year round you should regularly check, or have a technician check, for any blockages or obstructions in the drain pipes that run from your outdoor unit, clean the filters and ensure your air conditioner is regularly serviced.

How do I clean the filters in my air conditioner and how often should I do this?

For Wall Mounted systems, cleaning the filters on the indoor unit of your AC is usually a simple process. If you use your air conditioner often you will need to regularly check and clean the filters. We recommend doing this at least every couple of months if your AC is used daily.  If you use your AC unit infrequently you should clean your filters at the start of the heating and cooling season. The design of the filters means they are easily washed with soap and water.

Do I need to top up refrigerant gas regularly in my air conditioner?

Refrigerant re-gassing will only be needed if the outdoor unit is damaged and there is a refrigerant leak. In this event please contact us immediately.