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Where should I place my air conditioner in the room?

To select the best location in your house for your AC unit you will need to consider the shape and size of your room, the capacity of the unit and the piping length that connects the indoor and outdoor unit. Contact your local MHI dealer today and find the best place to install your air conditioner.

How long will it take to install an MHI air conditioner?

Depending on the unit you purchase the installation time will vary. Most split system air conditioners can be installed within a few hours. For Ducted systems this process is longer as there is more work needed. For the complete installation times and availabilities please contact your local MHI dealer.

What is the installation process if I’m building a new home?

When building new home installers can work with your builders to develop a time frame that will suit them both. We recommend contacting your local installer at the beginning of the project so that your builder and installer can meet your exact requirements. For more information on this process please contact your local MHI dealer directly.

Why is it important to hire a licensed installer and what type of license do they need in Australia?

The installation process for air conditioners involves both electrical and refrigeration work, which is why it is important to be a licensed installer. In Australia, only a Licensed NRAC (National Refrigeration Air-conditioning Council) Installer and an A-grade electrician should be used. It is also important for the installer to be registered with ARCTICK, the Australian Refrigeration Council. Your 5 year parts and labour warranty will be voided if your system is installed by an unlicensed installer.

Is it okay to cover the outdoor unit with a screen to make it blend in with a facade of the house?

Covering your outdoor system may impact the functionality of your unit. Outdoor units require adequate clearance in order to operate effectively. Covering the outdoor unit restricts the ventilation of the outdoor unit and this impacts the performance of the unit. We recommended that you do not cover the outdoor unit of your AC as this may cause unnecessary problems.

I am replacing the old air conditioner. Can the existing piping be used for my replacement system?

When replacing an old air conditioner we recommend that you replace all parts of your system. MHIAA cannot guarantee that when the new AC is installed the quality of the existing pipes will be sufficient or match the size required for your new system.

I am buying a new ducted system to replace the old one that I currently have. Can I use the existing ducts with my new system?

To get the maximum efficiency out of your AC unit and to take advantage of the updated technology we recommend that when replacing your ducted system you also replace the existing ducts.

Where can I find the installation manual for my air conditioner?

To find the installation manual for your air conditioner you can search and download it from the Knowledge Centre.