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Trinity Beach State School

Project Description

In order to cater to the growing demands of the local community, Trinity Beach State School in Queensland required the development of a new Senior Learning Centre that would include extra classrooms and staff support rooms. Faced with the challenge of providing suitable air conditioning for both staff and students, the developers turned to one of Australia’s leading suppliers of residential and commercial air conditioners, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) for a solution.


The project required approx 220kW of VRF air conditioning units to be housed in naturally created pockets below the buildings stairwell landings. This required an air conditioning solution that had a low profile which did not exceed a maximum height, while still providing the required capacity to condition the building.


Mhiaa’s solution

Working together, Field Construct and Haz-Elec Industries installed eight twin fan side blow and two single fan side blow Micro KX VRF condensers. These units are highly compact, have a high connection capacity and are extremely cost competitive. By combining these two systems MHIAA was able to deliver the required 220kW air conditioning system, which will support the school well into the future.

Chosen for indoor units were MHIAA’s FDT Ceiling Cassettes and the stylish new FDK series of high walls. The FDT Ceiling Cassettes feature a lightweight and compact design with individual flap control making them ideal for larger classrooms within the building. For the smaller staff and class rooms, the stylish and Italian designed FDK high walls were the perfect solution as they blended in with the buildings modern interior while still being powered with the KX outdoor units. By combining the two units, Haz-Elec Industries, Cairns and MHIAA were able to deliver a perfect cooling solution for the project, ensuring both the staff and students comfort all year round.