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Tara Dennis Balmain Store, NSW

Project Description

As one of television’s most recognised faces, including stints on Our House, Burke’s Backyard and the well loved Better Homes & Gardens, Tara Dennis has been presenting decorating, style and craft segments continuously for almost twenty years. She is also the current brand ambassador for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia.

Located on Darling Street, Balmain – one of Sydney’s most beautiful suburbs and a hotspot for homewares and gift-ware shopping, the new store offers a beautiful array of handmade furniture, homewares, plants, candles and other homely decorations – many of which have been hand picked or hand designed by Tara herself.

Also offered are a variety of intimate and specially curated art workshops which, via step-by-step guidance, gist customers the chance to develop their painting and decorating skills, allowing them to create their own exquisite items which they can then use to decorate their home.


With the unique layout of the store (comprising of three individual storefronts which have been elegantly transformed into one), the large glass windows and a classic building design, a reliable heating and cooling solution was required for each individual area of the store, including the upstairs office.

Given the size and space of the main store entrance, including a large double door, a powerful solution was required. Due to the limited floor space, a ceiling mounted option was needed. Wall mounted solutions were also needed to service the other, slightly smaller, areas within the store including the workshop area and upstairs office.

Mhiaa’s solution

In the main area of the store, our FDE series of under ceiling system was chosen. The FDE series was suspended from the ceiling and fit perfectly between the ceiling and rafters, allowing it effectively deliver a powerful airflow downwards into the largest space of the floor. Thanks to their compact design yet powerful output, the FDE series are perfect for retail stores, cafes and restaurants whereby a powerful solution is needed however limited floor or wall space is available.

Two of our Bronte® series of large capacity split systems were used in the remaining areas of the store. Recommended by CHOICE® and incorporating the same advanced fan blade technology used in the development of jet engines, the Bronte® series features a market leading long reach airflow allowing it to efficiency deliver a powerful yet quiet and evenly distributed airflow throughout the entire store – just in time for winter!

Lastly, one of our Avanti® series of split systems was used in the upstairs office of the store. Developed by award winning Italian designers, the Avanti® series is our smaller capacity split system and features a sleek and stylish design and incorporates a range of convenient features and functions.

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