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Dorset Street Apartments

Project Description

Offering high-end living just 4km’s North of Brisbane’s city centre and only minutes walk from key local amenities, this brand new, boutique apartment block, developed by Cloud 10 Property Group and built by Hunter Construction Management, incorporates a variety of modern, penthouse sized, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, all of which required a high quality air conditioning solution suitable for the luxury development.


With all 14 of the modern apartments, each with at least 4 rooms and wall to floor glass windows, requiring a reliable heating and cooling solution, the project required a total of approx. 175kW of air conditioning to ensure an adequate heating and cooling of all areas, year round. The chosen solution needed to reflect the luxurious style of the building and the contemporary styled apartment interiors. To ensure this, the chosen air conditioning solution would need to be discreet and blend seamlessly with the apartment interiors. Due to the high ceiling design of the apartments, ceiling space for lower level apartments was at a premium, presenting a challenge for the project. The outdoor units, to be installed on balconies would also need to produce minimal noise to ensure occupants comfort.

Another challenge was the scheduling of the projects. Being located in a built up area with limited corridors for trucks and with constant construction going on it was important that all units were delivered and installed during specific windows of the project, ensuring no delays to other aspects of the construction.

Mhiaa’s solution

After taking into consideration all requirements and comparing all viable solutions, MHIAA’s SRR Series of slim profile, ceiling concealed indoor units were eventually selected for the project. Coming in a variety of capacities, ranging from 2.5kW up to 6.0kW and designed to be completely concealed within the ceiling with only the outlet grilles visible, the SRR Series of ceiling concealed units offer a compact and discreet solution for a range of applications.

The SRR Series of indoor units, boasting a super slim profile of only 200mm and incorporating a huge range of convenient features and functions are perfect for both single or multi-room applications that require a discreet solution but have limited ceiling space available making them perfect for low, medium and high density apartment buildings. The SRR series also incorporate a built-in drain pump allowing for easy maintenance. A total of 56 indoor units were installed throughout the project.

Selected for outdoor units were MHIAA’s series of SCMZM-S multi split systems. The SCM condensers, which incorporate MHIAA’s highly energy efficient components, deliver a high output while remaining super quiet, allowing them to be installed onto balconies. The SCM125ZM-S multi split systems are also extremely versatile, boasting a maximum pipe run of 90m and can be connected to up to 6 indoor units, making them perfect for a range of applications, specifically multi-storey dwellings. In total 14 12.5kW, SCM125ZM-S units were installed, with multiple indoor units within each apartment being connected to a single outdoor unit. All systems were fitted with easy to use, infrared wireless controls as standard.

To ensure all products were delivered on time and in line with construction schedule, MHIAA developed a project draw down schedule prior to commencement. This ensured all parties were aware of when different components would be delivered and allowed on-site managers to co-ordinate other trades and easily manage the delivery and installation of MHIAA products.

By working closely with Hunter Construction Management throughout project, MHIAA was able to overcome all challenges and deliver a luxury, high-end and reliable solution for all 14 apartments that was reflective of the building’s modern and luxurious design and will deliver year round comfort for years to come.