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5 factors to consider when selecting your air conditioner capacity

So, now that you’ve learnt the difference between single split, multi split and ducted systems and know what type of air conditioner suits your lifestyle its time to consider how powerful your AC needs to be for you to get the most value out of it.

If the unit’s capacity is too big, it won’t run a full cycle and will essentially switch on and off a lot, which will increase your electricity tariffs each month. If it’s too small, then it will run constantly and again, this will cost you money…it’s a vicious cycle so you need to make sure its not too big, its not too small- it’s just right!

To be fair, there are quite a few factors that may affect your Air Conditioner unit capacity selection. To make it all less complicated for you, we’ve put together a simple list of things to keep in mind when selecting an AC unit capacity for your room.

Is your room insulated?

How much heat you can keep in or out will impact the size of air conditioner you need. Factors which influence insulation include: the construction materials such as double brick vs new builds or the installation of insulation materials, window coverings, gaps between the doors and floors and choice of flooring. Naturally, each room is different but in general the better insulated it is, the easier it will be to heat or cool.


Is it a cold or warm room in general?

Sunny rooms which face east or west are lovely in the winter but could be really hot in summer. north facing rooms are the most moderate and of course south facing rooms will be colder. Keep these considerations in mind when deciding how much heating or cooling is required for a room. Open plan kitchen areas will also be warmer, as will areas with tumble driers, all generating their own heat which will also change your heating and cooling needs.


What sort of window covering do you have?

While window coverings such as curtains, shutters or blinds are good for window decorations and those weekend sleep ins, they are also great for keeping the heat out in summer and retaining it in winter. In other words, the better your windows are insulated the less your air conditioner will have to work to keep your room cool or warm depending on a season.


Don’t overlook the windows…

While windows are good for those breezy days and letting light in, the bigger the window, the more of an impact it will have on your AC size requirements. As you gain and lose heat through the windows, seasonally this means, you room will be warmer in summer but also colder in winter. As an easy guide, the bigger the window, the harder your AC must work to keep your room cool or warm.


How high are the ceilings?

An important consideration is the volume of the room. Often the air conditioning size is determined by the floor space, but high ceilings increase the volume of a room and therefore may require a larger air conditioning unit. Choosing a smaller air conditioner would mean it needs to work harder, therefore using more energy and it may not be as effective.


While it may seem like a lot to consider, remember you aren’t on your own and your accredited MHI dealer is always ready to give you a recommendation on the right type and size air conditioner that best suits your needs.

And remember a little consideration at the start means the perfect fit at the end!


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